International programs in 2013:

„Domino Effect” – training course in Italy, March

„Weaving the wild” – international contact making seminar, Italy – May

„Future is in our hands” – international youth exchange, Armenia – July

nextGEN meeting – gathering of the youth group of the Global Ecovillage Network, Switzerland, July –

„Use The Land To Feed Yourself” – international youth exchange, Hungary – July

„Butterfly Effect” – international training course, Czech Republic, August

Active Hope  – international The Work That Reconnects facilitators training with Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone – UK, July 

„Future Of Food” – international learning partnership – from August 2013

„Give a Chance To UpCycling” – international seminar, Latvia, September

International programs in 2012:

Dragon Dreaming project design workshops with John Croft

Rites Of Passage – international training for youth workers, Switzerland, organised by Learning Partnership for Creative Sustainability

In the past two years we have organised two international youth exchanges with the support of the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission.

Feel Your Mommy’s Muddy Body – Reconnect to nature through the five elements

August 2012, Gyűrűfű ecovillage

This youth exchange provided the opportunity for 26 young people from Hungary, Czeck Republic, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania to learn about themselves, each other and nature within a non-formal educational framework: through organised workshops, open sharing, living and working together.

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Make The Land A Trend! – Rake What Your Mamma Gave Ya!
International Youth Exchange, July, 2013, Balaton Uplands National Park, Hungary
„Your Mamma”, mother Earth gave us the soil, the rich land, so we can co-create all the food we need to build up our bodies. We just need to re-connect with it, and re-skill ourselves with gardening skills. And of course, give up some of he Western consumer lifestyle to create space for something else… something greater and more beautiful.
This international youth exchange was organised in the beautiful Balaton Uplands National Park, on the land of one of the funders of Pandora Association. This abandoned vineyard was turned into an eco camp, which hosted the event in July, 2013. In the first part of the year, we worked hard with the help of volunteers to build solar showers, composting toilets, traditional yurts, a summer kitchen and a small permaculture garden.
The exchange hosted 26 young people from Hungary, Spain, Italy, Lativa and Lithuania who were keen to spend 10 days in Nature, accommodated in yurts, using no electricity and running water, gardening and building a temporary international community. We were living at the edge of the forest, working together to create all the circumstances we needed for our well-being such as fetching water, collecting firewood, doing the washing up, etc.. Young people learnt about the wildlife in Balaton Uplands National Park, about permaculture and other gardening principles, Nature-playingbased low impact lifestyle. And of course, about themselves – who are we without all the commodities and comfort of our modern times? What is important for me to feel good?
„This place is amazing, I found peace in a magic forest with a spring and the sound of birds…”

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