“Dragon Dreaming is a holistic method for the implementation of creative, collaborative, sustainable projects. 

The dream of a peacefull world and the awareness of the global challenges in our society are diving us. Within, personal growth of every single person, community building and an active responsibility for our earth are same weighted in the focus.

Dragon Dreaming is for dreamers and pragmatists, for warriors and discouraged, for optimists and idealists, for philosophers and nature lovers, for spiritual people and


Dragon Dreaming wants to create awareness for the connection with all life – wants to live cooperation, responsibility, interconnection – for transformation towards a peaceful, safe and sound world.”

(source: www.dragondreaming.org)

Dragon Dreaming aims to make dreams come true and to support the realization of outrageously successful projects. It is bridging a gap between how things are and how

we are envisioning them, would like them to be. Dragon Dreaming helps us to cross an invisible threshold between theory and practice. It supports us in the process of transforming out dreams in

to efficient and sustainable projects.

Connecting the dimensions of Dreaming, Planning, Doing and Celebrating it creates a frame for the realization of sustainable projects.

John Croft, the founder of Dragon Dreaming project design have been working for more than 15 years on different community projects in Australia (amongst others wi

th aborigine groups and the indigenous people of Papua New-Guinea) and world-wide. Dragon Dreaming was born as a result of collecting many-many years of experience on fields of community building, project design and cooperation with aborigine groups.

Dragon Dreaming supports individuals, communities and socially and environmentally engaged companies to realize outrageously successful projects. It is influenced and taking inspiration from systems thinking, Gaia theory, quantum physics and aboriginal wisdom and spiritual traditions. By going through the process of Dragon Dreaming we are creating amongst others board game. By playing this game we can make our dreams come true!

Dragon Dreaming has appeared in Europe approximately five years ago. Pandora Association is doing pioneering work to spread the philosophy and praxis of Dragon Dreaming in Hungary and offer training, coaching and consultancy for interested individuals and groups.

So far we have been realizing two introduction weekends with the facilitation of Réka Livits Dr Dr trainer and have invited John Croft to hold and Introduction and an Empowered Fundraising workshop.

You can find more information on Dragon Dreaming here: www.dragondreaming.org

Here is the blog of the Hungarian Dragon Dreaming movement: sarkanyalmok.wordpress.com

And through this e-mail you can get in touch with us: dragondreaming.hungary@gmail.com