• Ági Berecz

    I have been working in environmental education since 2004, when I dreamt and designed the Eco Corner Interactive Environmental Education Room in Pécs, Hungary. Working with children made me realize that we need an inner motivation, a strong emotional drive to care about the Earth. Logical reasons, scientific explorations, calls from international summits, selective waste collection and air pollution indicators are not enough. The inner drive for me comes from our intimate relation to Nature, the living realization that we and the Planet are built from the same molecules, that have been existing and re-shaping since the Big Bang in this corner of the Universe. What I experience in my microcosmos, that effects the macro cosmos of the Earth. „A butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas.”This realisation brought Pandora Association alive, to help people live this Unity. Maybe my tiny role in the Great Turning is to create space for these learning experiences.
  • Erika Kármán

    Era is the leader of the symbiotically functioning Szatyor Association and Szatyorbolt social and community enterprise which are promoting ecologically conscious and sustainable shopping. Szatyor is a community of producers and consumers which makes locally and organically produced and processed groceries available.Era is a communication professional and Spanish teacher by profession, nevertheless for a couple of years she is engaged as a facilitator, NGO advisor, trainer in one way or another connected to the topic of sustainability. She is an EcoTeams trainer of the Hungarian Conscious Consumers Association, the environmental and communication advisor of the GreenHome Centre in Veszprém. Within Pandora Association she organizes trainings and presentations on deep ecology and permaculture. She is an enthusiastic follower of the lifestyle of voluntary simplicity.
  • Réka Livits

    After several years of experience as a youth worker active on fields of environmental and global education Réka organizes and leads different workshops and projects focused on a holistic approach towards sustainability (integrating the social, ecological, economic and cultural aspects) and community building art methodologies in her home country, Hungary and also internationally. After attending the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) organized by the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education, completing the Dragon Dreaming training for trainers course and an inspirational meeting with eco-philosopher Joanna Macy she dedicated herself to share her knowledge and experience with motivated individuals and groups. As a co-founder ofPandora Association she facilitates Dragon Dreaming and Work That Reconnects workshops and organizes different workshops, trainings and camps on holistic sustainability and nature connection. At the moment she is also writing a book on the topic and completing a training course on wilderness pedagogy.
  • Péter Hortobágyi

    As a child he had been dreaming of growing up and spending all his time in the forest. He grwe up and spent most of his life in the forest as game keeper. He reminds me of Thoreau, in his book Walden, as a voluntary ranger registers the movement of the wild, the leaves and the changes in the shade of the leafage. He has a golden heart, helps whenever he can, he will chop your firewood before you even asked him. He can do any DIY job. An intuitive vegetarian chéf, men-of-all-work, mushroom picker, dog trainer and ranger. The rough outside holds a heartful inside, he is a passionate father. Many people in Europe knows, if you want to see a deer, go to widelife watching with Peter, if you want to understand the forest, go to the woods with him. He cooks and leads wildlife walks at the programmes of the association.
  • Ágnes Repka

    Agnes is the Hungarian coordinator of the Future of Food European Learning Partnership. She is a raw living & vegan food expert with a passion for growing organic food and living a natural lifestyle. She has been sharing her experiences and visions in the last 3 years on her blog and on various lectures around Hungary. She is one half of the raw food catering team LifeKitchen. Agnes studied catering and economy but her focus tuned more on the connection of food, health and sustainability.“I would like to learn and experience with our partners how to feed ourselves with the healthiest food possible! And I mean healthiest in all way – for our body, for our mind, for our communities and our planet. The next step will be sharing this knowledge!” Agnes R
  • Vitália Baranyai

    She has been working with Pandora Association since 2012. She gives interactive workshops and lectures on permaculture and sustainability in Hungarian and English. She is deeply commited for bringing participarory and community learning experiences to life. She belives that we have all the knowledge and tools to heal ourselves and the Earth; all we have to do is to give space for the solutions to reach the surface. Goodness, ancient knowledge and creativity is inherent in every single one of us; Vitalia’s main goal is to awaken these and move towards a life sustaining society, so that we can live in harmony with all beings.She studied an environmental engineering and soil science in Hungary, Sweden and the United States. She lives in a tiny little corner of the Great Plains of Hungary. She is the happiest when working in limitless peace on her farm around chickens, friut trees and worms or when discovering the diversity in our cultures with volunteers coming from all around the globe.
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