The following programs are organised with the support of the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission, therefore the training, food, accommodation as well as 70% of travel costs are covered for participants. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail:


Take the future in your hands!

International training course for young people, youth workers, teachers, trainers and facilitators
May 30th – 8th June 2014, Kisújbánya village in South Hungary


What can I do as a young person searching for her own path and way of life?

Where do I turn when many events all around the world (e.g. the economic crisis, climate change, exploitation of nature and people, the rise of the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring) show that the old economic, social and cultural systems don´t serve us anymore?

Whom do I ask for help, advice and support when the knowledge and experience of previous generations seem irrelevant in the face of present days challenges?

Shall I maybe just ignore the alarm bells and act like all is fine, go for pursuing career, money and success?

What does it mean for me to live a happy and fulfilling life?

As a youth worker/teacher/trainer/facilitator how can I support a young person on her quest of responding to these questions?

Instead of offering ready-made answers, this project invites you on a journey of unfolding your own replies. We will travel together on the magic carpet of stories, intensive times in nature and diverse individual and community-based processes.

We are looking for participants for this project from the following countries: Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, France, Finland, Poland, Croatia and the United Kingdom. Two participants are eligible from each country.

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Reconnect to Empower

International training course for youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators active on fields of environmental and global education, education for sustainability and social work
 26th April – 4th May, Liechtenstein

„If we only attend to the practical challenges of sustainability, without attending to the relationship between self and other, we will simply be doing new things in old ways.“ (Mary-Jayne Rust, ecopsychologist)

The Reconnect to Empower training course is based on the insight that in order to truly empower young people to become leaders and agents of change for a sustainable society we need to support them in clarifying their motivation, in developing personal resilience, in fostering connectedness to their emotions and to provide tools for sustainable project management. Many organisations and groups are struggling to maintain a high level of energy and commitment of their members when working with challenging social and environmental issues. People in responsible positions might feel constantly overwhelmed, which easily leads to burn-out and the loss of motivation. Therefore by developing the program of this training course we have responded to an ever-increasing need for a program which develops personal resilience, maintains connectedness to nature, the body and to emotions even in challenging situations.

This training course is organised by Symbiose Gemeinschaft in coopearation with Pandora Association. We are looking for participants from Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

If you are interested, please e-mail us: