Our mission

The aim of Pandora Association is to transmit knowledge and practical alternatives on fields of living in harmony with nature, active citizenship and community building for a sustainable world by promoting the worldview and philosophy as well as applying the methodology of deep ecology.


What are we doing?

We promote the worldview of deep ecology and voluntary simplicity as well as opportunities for their practical realization by organizing educational programs, presentations, trainings and workshops locally and internationally.

We stand for the importance of sustainable living and the spreading of practical alternatives. We are active on the fields of environmental education and youth work. We organize programs for different generations including camps, workshops and presentations.

We facilitate sessions and group work on deep ecology to explore the relationship of human beings and their (widely interpreted) environment.

We create spaces for mutual learning and opportunities for exchange; we initiate programs for community building and social cohesion. We empower. We aim to spread the ideas of sustainable living and deep ecology also by publishing and translating articles, books, scientific publications. We cooperate with organizations with a similar mission i.e. promoting natural lifestyle, permaculture and community building.



Pandora is the planet oft he Navis in the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron. The representation of this unique world is rooted in deep ecology. On this planet humanoid creatures are living in perfect harmony with all other living beings, as parts of a collective ecological intelligence which includes all stories of past, present and future.

“The people of Pandora were aware of an invisible, wise force or energy called Eywa which permeates and connects the whole universe. Just like the Na’vi’s concept of Eywa, the Gaia Hypothesis, which was originally proposed by James Lovelock, is frequently described as viewing the Earth as a single organism. By consciously acknowledging the interconnectedness of the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth, humans will be more likely to design a lifestyle that keeps the whole system in balance.” (Thomas Moore – source: AVATAR Sowing Seeds of Respect for a Truly Global Community – published in Resurgence magazine)

In the Greek mythology Pandora (Greek: the gift of everything) is created as the revenge of the Gods. As she opened the chest, all suffering and disasters erupted into the human world. Terrified, she slammed back the lid. The only thing left in the chest was hope. When she opened it once again, hope we given to humanity as the last gift of the Gods.

 Who are we?